Welcome to Natural Light’s Diploma Rental

We have currently reached capacity for participation in this program! Continue to follow along on Natural Light’s social channels to see what we have brewing up later this year.


Natty knows that the college experience is awesome, but also, college has never been more expensive. As part of the Natural Light College Debt Relief Program, we’ve made a $10M commitment to help pay down US graduates’ loans. You can learn more here. But that’s not all. Natural Light is doubling down on raising awareness around the cost of college by offering something for every single LDA American with a college diploma. We are renting diplomas from college graduates for $100 for something big we are brewing up.

No! We are paying you.

All participants must be 21+ years old.

Yes! You must have a diploma.

We will be accepting any higher-education diplomas (anything post high-school) that fits our required sizing.

We cannot accept diplomas larger than 12.75” x 15”

We’ll keep it safe. We’ll send it back. We just need it for something big we are brewing up for later this year.

When we are done with it.

Please take your diploma out of it’s frame before sending to us. Any diplomas we receive in a frame, the frame will be discarded and the diploma will be sent back after the program without the frame.

Search through all those boxes in storage!

We’ll cover the cost to replace it up to $50.

You will receive a confirmation email with additional details to the email address you provided.

Should the program be able to accept more participants we will contact members from the waitlist to let them know they have been confirmed and provide the information necessary for participating in the program.

Unfortunately, we can only accept participants who can provide a shipping address within the continental US.

Follow along on Natural Light social channels for updates! @Naturallightbeer on Instagram & @NaturalLight on Twitter.

You’ll receive your $100 via Cash App after we receive your diploma.

Yes - if the person holding you diploma is willing to help! The most important thing to remember is the address you input into the rental agreement form is where the communications packet will be sent.
  1. When filling out the rental agreement form, input the address where your diploma is. This way, the person at that address will get the package, can put your diploma in the pre-addressed envelope and send it back to us. We will then send the diploma back to this location after the program.
  2. Have your diploma sent to you! When filling out the rental agreement form, input your current address. The package will be sent to this location with the pre-addressed envelope to send back to us. The diploma would come back to your address after the program.

No. We will need your physical diploma in order to participate in this program.

Follow along on Natural Light social channels for updates!

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